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Welcome to Tejas Ranch!

Definition of Tejas

Jahonna Lena Looper

Tejas Definition:

Natoila he’ or Howdy,

Some people ask what does the word Tejas mean;

I often find my self explaining such as the word, and I look at how it after all of these times centuries in fact that it captures what I really mean here, that I am your friend, an allie, I take to heart this meaning for some of the basic culture we share is that of farming and ranching,

Thus by Definition:

Tejas is not only my statement to you but: Tejas is  

The Name of a First Peoples Nations, that of the first people of Texas, A First Peoples Nation,

A Name, and word caring special meaning from which the State of Texas obtains its name and Motto from.

The word "Tejas" is pronounced ("TAY- Haus"), comes from Teysha, a word in the Native American Caddo, Hasinai, Atakapa Indian language, which basically means "friends" and/ or "allies".

Tejas is the root word from where the State of Texas obtains its own name from; thus the Tejas Indians are the Namesake of the State.

Tejas, The first people of Texas, The Spanish called and French called them Tejas, For It is the patriarchal name of that of the first chief of these original/first peoples which belonged to a complex Confederacies of Nations actually 3 different Tribal Confederated Nations in what a small part of that confederacy is now the State of Texas.  

The Tejas people are the patriarchs  of the state, its guardians, the originators  of many traditions in culture which we Texans enjoy today.  

As thus Tejas is where Texas her roots, begin, that which the people of Tejas  and now Texas are known for their/ our collective culture and Hospitality.

Texas has received its many deep seeded roots, traditions, and of course its name from these first peoples.

To learn more about Tejas, its History and its 1st peoples you may go to -

You may also learn more about the language of Tejas there as well, so

In closing I thank you for you visitation and do so in advance for your visit, I welcome you to come to the Ranch until then, Sahnoan me shy, (keep in good health)  and I, we, will  look forward to your return,

Thank you

"Remember that, you are your Brothers' Keeper"


~Chief Blackjack-Tejas Indians

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