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Welcome to Tejas Ranch!

Help for Animals- Injuries, Conditions, Illness and Treatments, Etc.

Jahonna Lena Looper

If you find any links that no longer work, let us know and we will try and update them, Thanks!!

Soremouth (orf) in sheep and goats-WD-40

Deer Worm Treatment Protocols

Meningeal Worm (Parelaphostrongylus tenuis): A nightmare for goat, sheep, and camelid owners

An alternative to Baycox is the similar drug ponazuril, marketed as Marquis paste for horses. Diluting Marquis Paste


Hypocslcaemia-Use Calcium Gluconate 23% This is an excellent article on hypocalcaemia also known as Milk Fever.

Drenching Sheep: An Unconventional Approach Saved My Ram's Life

Pregnancy Toxemia and Ketosis in Goats

Getting ready for lambing and kidding-Suggested Lambing and Kidding Supplies

Lambing FAQ

Scours in Goats What to do About it

Fias Co Farm-Coccidiosis -Treatment Prevention Recommendations

*Sulfasol Soluble Powder (ALBON)

*Albon Generic - Sulfadimethoxine Powder - 107 gm.

[PDF] A Haemonchus Contortus Management Plan for Sheep and Goats in Texas

[PDF]managing the worms in your sheep

Pregnancy Toximia Treatment.pdf


Vet in Training blogspot

Tips for Training Goats to Electric Net Fences

Humane Destruction of Stock

The Emergency Euthanasia of Sheep & Goats

Are you hard enough to survive as a shepherd?

Basic Farm Animal Husbandry Skills

Breeding Great Pyrenees Puppies for Flock Protection or Companion Dogs


Scours in Goats What to do About it


Illustrated Guide to Baby Goat Poop

Diarrhea (Neonatal)

Bottle Feeding 101

Making a Free Choice Loose Mineral Feeder

Deccox vs. Bovatec

Producer's Pride Sheep & Goat Deccoquinate (DQ), Medicated, 50 lb.

Goat Care


Mineral Feeder

Making a Free Choice Loose Mineral Feeder

Portable Lamb Creep

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Ask-a-Vet Sheep-A collection of sheep & goat related questions answered.

The University of Maryland Small Ruminant Extension Program now meets the requirements to have its own customized url for its YouTube channel. All of the webinar recordings (2011 to present) -Click link

May 2015 Coccidiosis in lambs and kids




Federal 'Cap and Trade' Energy Policy Petition


Every time I have found useful information on the web for emergency situations with my animals, I have linked the site to this page. These links include help for dogs, sheep & goats. 
Below are these sites I have found to be very helpful when you need anwsers to health questions fast for you animals. Please report any missing or broken links you come across, to me by email, so we can fix them.

Important information for New owners of animals purchased here!!. All animals have dormate COCCIDIA  present in their system, at all times. Stress from moving to their new home may cause it to flair up and cause stress diarrhea to occur. All animals should be treated for coccidia soon after arriving at their new home or inspected by a Vet to determine if they need treated for the stress caused by traveling to their new homes. Tejas Ranch is not responsible for animals who develop any illneses at their new homes. All animals are healthy when they are picked up here.
Tejas Ranch in no way indorses or is liable for any content contained in websites below.
This material is not a substitute for veterinary consultation and treatment! Do not let an animal go for days without treating it yourself or without taking it to your trusted Vet. Treat them like they are your children.

Click any of the links below for easier to find information an the animal you need help for.
My advise for searching pages is to hit the Ctrl & F keys  on your keyboard at he same time, then type in the word your searching for.


Why and How To Do FAMACHA© Scoring

FAMACHA -Parasite Monitoring System

Goat Dewormers/Anthelmintics (anti-parasite drugs)

DECTOMAX® Injectable Solution


Did you know that worms kill more goats every year than anything else?

Which Dewormer(s) Work on Your Farm?

Conflicting information about worm control

Goat vs. Barber Pole dont let the worms win

Wormers and Worming


American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control

Wormers for Goats


Types and colors of Scours in Goats

Home Remedy for Diarrhea or Scours in a Newborn Baby Goat

Colostrum: "Liquid Gold"

SURVIVE! is HUNTER NUTRITIONs own Vitamin E and Energy doser.

Wormers for Sheep & Goats

*Liver Fluke Effective Treatment

*Control of Internal Parasites in Sheep-Stomach Worms-Treatment-Dewormers

A Haemonchus contortus Management Plan for Sheep and Goats in Texas

L-5095-A Haemonchus Contortus Management Plan for Sheep and Goats in Texas

Treatment and control of liver fluke

Liver fluke disease in sheep

Liver Fluke Disease in SHEEP

FAMACHA-Controlling worms in small ruminents!

Managing Internal Parasites in Sheep and Goats

Internal & External Parasites

Sheep worms - Barbers pole worm

Merial Barber Pole Worm - Merial is a world-leading, innovation-driven animal health company

Control of Liver Fluke

Liver Fluke

Liver Fluke Control in Sheep

Flukare C with Selenium

Small Ruminent Page-Internal Parasite Control-Many Links

agrilife publications for sheep

University Researchers have discovered a natural remedy for the most common intestinal parasites in goats and sheep. AU Grazer® Sericea Lespedeza Know anything about it? Email me and let me know, Thanks

RECORDS OF EXOTICS-Manual and Medal Information


Homemade Medicine Recipes

SURVIVE ! is HUNTER NUTRITIONs own Vitamin E and Energy doser. SURVIVE! often saves lambs that would have otherwise been lost due to chilling, weakness, or white muscle disease.

How to make a Barn out of a Carport


Predator Control


Ethnic Holiday Calendar 2009-2013

Many videos about goat care.

Many videos about sheep care.

Hoof Trimming Goats-Video

Hoof Trimming Goats: Part 2-Video

Hoof Trimming with pictures

Heavy Duty Sheep Chair

SHEEP Injuries, Conditions, Illness and Treatments, Etc.

Pasture Information

Care for Both Sheep & Goats

Vet Clinic Directory

Miscellaneous Sheep Info

Famacha Eye Chart-Click for larger image

Pricing Trophy Rams

Aging Through Annuli

GOAT Injuries, Conditions, Illness and Treatments, Etc.

Useful Links for Dogs

Newborn Puppy Care

Useful Forms for the Farm

Animal Treats

Google Books- Wisconsin Farmers' Institute- Best Treatment of Footrot

Care for Baby Goats

Lamb Care

Medications We Use

Dealers & Supplies

Miscellaneous Goat Info

Organic Animal Health

Please Read Carefully!

Tejas Ranch does not  accept any risks or responsibility for losses, damages, costs and other consequences resulting directly or indirectly from using this site and any information or material available from it. To the maximum permitted by law, Tejas Ranch excludes all liability to any person arising directly or indirectly from using this site and any information or material available from it. Neither nor any of the contributors to this website will be held responsible for the use of any information contained herein. the contents are to be used for information only!

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We hope you come and visit our farm. New animals come quickly so visit our site often.

Come look today by making  an apointment by phone! Thanks!!

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