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Jahonna Lena Looper-My ONE TRUE Love!

Jahonna Lena Looper




JaHonna Looper & Michael B. Neighbors

On may the 31st, at 12:45 of that morning my world, as I knew it, took a U-turn. My life partner and I were crossing a highway, hand in hand, when suddenly without any warning, my cap blew off and I heard a "thump". I turned back to check what had happened and she was gone. I looked toward our car thinking she had gone back for something. Not there!


I then turned to my left to look there. The most horrible thing that I could imagine was right in front of my eyes!!! My most cherished loved one was lying in front and under a stopped Pick-up truck!!!! This CAN'T be happening were my first thoughts. Oh God, not this. I immediately fell to my knees and collapsed, as I screamed for someone to call 911.


Then, as I was begging the Lord to not let this be true, I heard a voice say “She has a pulse and is breathing." I rose to check on her because up until now, I figured she was Dead. I went to the front of the truck and crawled under to where I could see her. She was on her back and she looked asleep. No blood, no scars, but looked like she was asleep.


I grabbed her hand, as if she was already reaching for me, and began to tell her I loved her, everything is going to be alright, to hang in there because the ambulance is on its way and that I am right here with you.

It was then that I felt someone grab my foot and try to pull me. I kicked it off and told them" Leave me alone, it’s my wife and I want to hold her until the ambulance gets here!!" About 30 seconds later they drug me out and arrested me.


Six or seven people wrestled my hands behind my back and an officer put me in his car, telling me that If it were not for my *#@&** ass, this would not have happened!!!

I honestly felt like I was in the "Twilight Zone". For what seemed like hours I sat there wondering how she was and arguing with the police about why I couldn’t be with her with no answers. After the Helicopter flew away and everyone was leaving the scene, the cop returned to his car and transported me to the Sherriff's Office where I was booked for Impeding an officer to do his duty!! how did I do that? I don’t think I did anything that anyone else wouldn’t have done in that situation.


After being in Jail for around 10 hrs, with no updates about her condition, I was released with all charges dropped. I knew in the back of my mind that there would be no charges that would matter anyway. That still didn’t help the way felt about the whole situation anyway, because I wanted to go with and be with her at the Hospital.


I got a ride to the Hospital because I didn’t feel that I could drive myself after all I had been thru. When I got there and first laid eyes on her I cried. Partly because she looked so bad and partly because I was glad she was alive, no matter how little.

Seven or ten days went by of terrible aganony before anyone started thinking about anything but her well being. Then we decided that it might be time to start thinking of getting her Social Security filed. Here we go again! That’s when I first realized that I had no rights pertaining to her because we are both Legally separated!! Her Mom and Dad had to fill out the papers, not me, the one that had shared her life with for nearly 3 yrs, 24/7. They did tell me that we should separate our money so that S.S. would not think all the money in our account was hers. Here we go again.


I went to the Bank and explained to them what I had been told about the account and asked them to let me open up another separate account in their bank. They said I couldn’t and froze the account on that evening. My MC was kept in the ATM machine. I was in a strange town, over three hundred miles from my home, with no money and no way to fix the problem until next Monday. Luckily I had a little money on me, but they didn’t know or care about that.

Later that week I got my money out and was talking to the Neuro-Surgeon about her condition. He said anything she likes to see, smell, taste, or hear would be good for her. I decided to go to a store and get her a few Strawberries because she Loves em. A cop pulls me over for disregarding a rt. turn only sign a block from the store and threatens to arrest me because he thought I was giving him a "false" driver’s license. I have no idea of what he was talking about.


Now, at this time, it’s been around a month and I have been to the Hospital every day, every two hours, and have been noticing what I would term neglect or abuse from one or two of the nurses, mentioned it to them and their immediate supervisors, and started watching them more closely. Don’t get me wrong, 90% of the nurses were great. Just the ones that I thought weren’t were the ones that I was giving problems. This was a fatal mistake. I should have, now that I can reflect, gone to the top people instead of the Nurses. There was no record of complaints with anyone. The few Nurses that I had been Hawking were the same ones to get rid of me!!


On a Sat. about a week ago today, on nurse that I had questioned earlier that day, and he didn’t like it got me. As I walked out of the doors leaving the ICU I raised my hand to open the door and BAM!!! It was locked and mad a loud sound, but no worse that I had heard the same door make for weeks with other people. About that time he came around the corner and said" Don’t be kicking our doors!!!". I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about and that I had on thongs and would not kick a door anyway! He said follow me, I said no and he went and got the Nurse in charge. She said wait there and called Security. Rambo came around the corner and never asked my side of the story and escorted me down stairs and took my picture and informed me that if I stepped foot back on Hospital property that I would be arrested for CRIMINAL TRESSPASS!!!


Now I’m in a strange town with my monthly Apartment just paid for, my dearest loved one in ICU, tickets to appear for, and I can’t come to the very Hospital where she lay in a coma!!! What else possibly could happen? If nothing else, I have learned not to ask myself that question anymore!!

I talked with her Mom and Dad who are sometimes there to tell them about this last situation and to explain that they either demand that I be allowed back in or to move her where I can visit. It has now been a week since I’ve seen or talked to her and nothing has changed.


They ,Mom and Dad, are off on a Trip, the Hospital won’t let talk to her and I feel that right now is when she really needs me to be there. I feel hopeful, lost, hurt, confused, worried, sorry, shamed, and just basically at the end of my rope. If I had the power I would be there, for her and I, every day. I have no idea what to do now but I won’t quit. I know she wants me there and I know I want to be there, and I will return as soon as I can figure out how!!!


Anyone with any help or comments or advice on how to do that, PLEASE contact me at (UPDATE: Old closed down email)


Michael B. Neighbors

Quitman, Texas 75783 UPDATE: (903) 383-3030

 Please Call me anytime you feel like it! I love you , as always 4Ever!!!

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