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Welcome to Tejas Ranch!

Newborn Puppy Care

Jahonna Lena Looper

* WelpHelp care of Puppies

***Save a Puppy's Life-BE PREPARED-Prevent the Problem

Treating a sick newborn puppy!!

Giving Subcutaneous Fluids to a Dog (Ringers Solution)

**Care of Newborn Puppies

**Recipes for Orphan pups

*Weaning The Puppies

Orphan Puppies: How to Raise Them

Pet Services Puppy Vaccinations


Breeding, Whelping, and Rearing Puppies

The Fading Puppy Syndrome-Synulox Oral Drops

Worms Parasites Fleas on Puppies-Pert Shampoo & Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid kills fleas on puppies


How to get rid of fleas on young puppies

How to Get Rid Of Fleas On A Puppy

VetRx Respiratory Control

Aspiration Pneumonia in Dogs

Pneumonia Management

***The Newborn Nursery

Animal Defense Leauge-Care of Newborn Puppies and Kittens

Bottle Feeding & Hand Raising Puppies

Bottle Feeding Orphaned Puppies-Ron Hines DVM PhD

*Puppy Maintenance Schedule

**Caring for Newborns & Their Mother-Puppy Mush

** Puppies' First Days

The Ultimate Whelping Box

Whelping and Newborns

Whelping and Newborns

Care of Puppies

Orphans: How to Raise Them-Emergency Puppy Milk Replacer

Colostrum: The Important First Milk

CPR in Newborn Puppies

Hypoglycemia: Low Blood Sugar

**WelpHelp Recipes & Weak Puppy Booster

**Recipes for Milk Replacer Formula and Weak Puppy Booster

**Misc Help & Puppy Formulas

Emergency Feeding Formulas

Luxury Birthing Suite and Nursery

Whelping List

Puppy Development


* Whelping Box from Lion Country Supply

* Construction Plans for the McEmn Mark III Whelping Box

Puppy Bedding from Shredded Newspaper

Whelping Chart

Our website service, may be closing down all free websites and we will loose this site soon. We are NO LONGER UPDATING this site.Please go to our NEW website by clicking here or go to our FB page. Thanks!!

We hope you come and visit our farm. New animals come quickly so visit our site often.

Come look today by making  an apointment by phone! Thanks!!

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