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Texas Open Class Livestock Shows

Jahonna Lena Looper

A few select shows throughout the United States are for the Hair Breeds Only, so the 'hair' breeds and 'wool' breeds do not have to compete against each other. These are ideal shows to compete in with the Painted Desert Sheep Breed. We are needing local FFA, 4-H, Junior Livestock Organizations and County Fairs, in our area, to offer shows that have classes, or are willing to make classes, for the Registered Painted Desert Sheep. This sheep breed was originated in Texas, and unfortunately, only a few states in the Northern part of the United States are currently showing them. Texas should be the leader, since they originated form here.


Please contact ALL your local shows and request that they offer an “Open” class for the majestic animals! Also contact us if you know of any shows in Texas that do have “Open” classes for these sheep so All of the local breeders can enter them!


Our ONLY  options, in Texas, is the The State Fair of Texas , who have offered an open class since 2007, the Houston Livestock Show or to join the Painted Desert Sheep Society and you can show your sheep ''On-line" by  submitting pictures to classes you would like to participate in.



Houston Livestock Show E-mail:


The State Fair of Texas E-mail:

Carla Sikes

Youth Market Lamb Show since 2007


In 1997, a Painted Desert registry was started, in Texas, in order to promote
recognition for the Painted Desert Sheep as being a unique sheep deserving of  more than it‘s humble origins.


The OFFICIAL website of the Painted Desert Sheep Society. Est. 1997


In 2009 the United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc. became an official non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and providing education about the breeds of sheep it represents: Painted Desert, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Desert Sand, Corsican, and Mouflon.


Painted Desert sheep have been halter broke and exhibited and shown at live sheep shows with great success. They have held their own in the show ring, competing against other breeds and placing as top breeds in several open breeding shows!


Washington County Farmers & Merchants Fair
Open Sheep Show - Salem, Indiana

One day show open to all breeds of sheep and all ages of exhibitors. Show
usually held in June of each year, date to be posted when received for 2009.
Sponsored by: Washington County Sheep Association and Washington County Fair Board. Information contact: 812-883-4601.


Southern Slam Open Hair Sheep Show, Chrisney, Indiana

Hair Sheep show in Saturday, Wool Sheep show on Sunday. Open to all Breeds.
Usually held the first weekend of June each year. Sponsored by:
Sheep Association.


Bob or Jenny Anderson- (812)649-9964
Terry or Pat Huey: (812)536-3015

Cora Carter - Phone: (812) 883-0232



St. Lucie County Fair – Florida



Past Show results:

The links below area Great place to start to let your local show know that we also pay taxes and our animals deserve to be able to be shown in local, county and state sanctioned fairs!
Thanks for your support!!

The Texas Junior Livestock Association

2010 Texas County Fairs

Texas 4-H Foundation

The State Fair of Texas

Texas FFA Association

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

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