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East Texas "Green" Goat Rental

Jahonna Lena Looper

Vegetation Management Services

We have this business on HOLD, for the moment, but it may be back soon. Check back from time to time to see if its back active.

Welcome to East Texas "Green" Goat Rental

 Now servicing Most East Texas Counties for weed and brush removal!!

   ~Working 24 Hours a day–7 days a week~

"They're ready every morning, they go right to work and they never complain."

Our goats are the best brush disposal system nature can make! Call for details.

Our goats are great for the environment

Over 300 combined years of chewing experience

Call Mike at (903) 850-3136

Many companies are "going green" including Google and Cricket Wireless

Specializing in Blackberry Bushes and invasive species

What is East Texas Green Goat Rental

We offer a 'green' alternative to chemical landscape management. Our goats will simply eat the unwanted plants including Poison Oak, Poison Ivy, blackberry vines and nettles, leaving the area ready for your landscaping ideas. No chemicals are used in this process leaving it healthy to grow what you want. We cater to industrial spaces, city lots as well as private homes.  For before and after pictures of previous jobs, contact us.

Have a job for us?

Getting started on your brush removal is simple and easy. All jobs are conducted on a case by case basis. Call us, we'll bring the goats, set up the fencing, and move the goats, as needed. 

All you have to do is decide which unruly plants you want eradicated and when you want to get started.

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We hope you come and visit our farm. New animals come quickly so visit our site often.

Come look today by making  an apointment by phone! Thanks!!

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For information about the Tejas tribe, please contact the Caddo Nation: https://mycaddonation.com/. The Tejas are ancestors of the Caddo.

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